Check Your Tire Air Pressure

tire picAs we are getting ready for our next trip, I wrote myself a reminder to check the air pressure in the tires.  I wanted to share this simple safety precaution with you as well.

I see a lot of people at campgrounds with their 5ers and trailers, hook up and drive on out with not even a thought to their tires.  This concerns me because not only do my family and I share the road with these travelers, but I am concerned about their safety as well.  The last thing anyone wants on their vacation is an accident.

The most dangerous result of an under- or over-inflated tire is a blow-out.  Not only is it inconvenient, but a blow-out can cause you to lose control of your rig and possibly cause an accident, injuries and even death.

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Campfire Safety

Since most forest fires can be prevented, I wanted to share a few websites regarding camp fire safety and fire information that everyone can use.  WA residents:  burn ban was lifted for certain campfires in Western Washington.  See press release below.Campfire

Have a great camping weekend and enjoy some s’mores…responsibly.


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