Wrap Up and Mountain Home, Idaho – RV Road Trip: Six States in Three Weeks Series

It finally happened.  Our last stop on our three week trip.  Nooooo!!  It was hard to face the fact that our family adventure was almost over.  Just one last day of driving.  Five-hundred thirty miles to go and then it was back to reality.  Kids back to school.  My husband back to work.  And me back to being a stay-at-home mom.  And that was…good.  My family and I are very blessed and very thankful.  That is one of the many things I learned from our vacation.

Family Arches

So as I began writing about this adventure, I titled one of my posts, The RV Road Trip that Changed My Life.  It’s true.  This experience was life changing in so many ways.  One of the most important lessons was about stuff.  I did NOT miss one single thing from home.  I learned that all I needed was my family (and friends!  Of course we missed y’all).  But really, all the things I have sitting back at home, or all the things on my mental wish list, are completely insignificant.  That is a good feeling.

An important factor in my life is my faith.  During our excursions and sightseeing, I was able to see God’s hand in our world.  There is beauty everywhere for us to enjoy.  And even though I don’t have answers to all the questions about my faith, I don’t need them.  I really don’t.  When you truly find that relationship, I feel the details don’t matter as much.  Just like my children trust and don’t question how I will care for them or how i will feed them tomorrow, I have the same trust that God will be there for me.  That is a great feeling.

Life moves so quickly.  With school, work, sports, chores, the weeks can end and I find myself asking where the time went.  This trip let my family capture that time together.  We were able to all reconnect and enjoy each other.  My kids are constantly saying, “remember when?”  So I know it impacted them and they will have those memories for a lifetime.

So that is how this trip changed my life.  It reminded me of what is important in life and I won’t let go of that.  So I encourage you to make a plan, start saving and find some time to really reconnect with your family.  It just might change your life too.

Carley's RV Park Review Graphic Cursive

Half-way between Moab, Utah and Seattle, Washington is Mountain Home, Idaho.  We stayed at Mountain Home RV Park for one night.   Mt Home RV ParkWhat a great place to plan your stay.  This park was very nice.  In fact, it is a top rated (9/10*/9.5) Good Sam Club park since 2008.  I especially liked how this park has three spots situated near the front that are designated for late arrivals as to not disturb the rest of the park.  Huge pull-thru concrete pads and nice, wide, paved streets inside the RV park.  And a bonus, the water, sewer, and electrical connections have a privacy fence so your neighbor does not have to look at your hookups.  They provide 30 and 50 amp service, cable TV, Wi-Fi, Propane, Laundry, and a playground. (Photo borrowed from http://www.mtnhomervpark.com/)

I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy the Mountain Home area.  I know this would be a great base camp for the tons of activities central Idaho has to offer.  We will definitely stay here on every trip we take back and forth to Moab.

Travel Stats

So how far did we travel on our road trip?  Listed below are the travel statistics for our journey.

  • Total miles logged in truck: 3,890
  • Total gallons of gas used: 392
  • Total hours logged in truck: 90.5
  • Average miles per gallon: 10

Thank You

Thank you so much for following along and learning about our road trip.  My goal was to offer opinions and suggestions about the places we visited and I hope I was able to add value to your planning purposes.

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A= Portal RV Resort, Moab, Utah | B=Mountain Home RV Park, Mountain Home, Utah

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