Our Texas Road Trip Begins

What?! It’s September!  Where did the summer go?

Last time on whereRVgoing.com, I shared about picking up our new trailer and beginning our trek around Texas.  Then I disappeared for awhile.  🙂  I am still here and still writing, but with the added benefit of no distractions.  It is hard for me to write on the road.  My family and I get out and do a lot.  By the time I get home to the camper in the evenings and make dinner, bath the kids and get them to bed, I am exhausted.  I want to relax and spend some time with my sweet husband.


So here I am, back home in Seattle after six weeks in Texas and over a week at La Push, Washington.  I can’t believe we spent seven weeks in the RV this summer.  That means we only spent three weeks of the kid’s summer vacation in our house.  So awesome!  But now, the kids are back in school and I have plenty of time to rehash our summer and share our memories.  Here goes…

After we picked up the RV in Rockwall, Texas, we headed straight to my in-laws house outside of Tyler, Texas.  Thankfully, David’s parents have full hookups on their property and we were able to stay in their driveway for over a week.  Wow, was that great.  Here we were with a brand new RV and we needed to become familiar with all its bells and whistles.  Now remember, our old trailer was only 24 feet long, no slides, no gadgets, no bells, and definitely no whistles.  We had a huge learning curve and the perfect location to spend the first several days in our new RV.  Luckily, my in-laws also have a pool and the kids were in it the whole time!  The icing on the cake was spending time with all our extended family.  We only visit Texas every couple of years and ALL of our family lives there.  I forget how wonderful it is to spend real quality time with all the people we love and miss.  Plus our boys get a taste of Texas livin’!

swim pic

Beatin’ the Texas Heat

David and I on go cart

Go Karts are not just for kids, or are they?? We could barely fit!!

Kids and their toys

All the cousins and their “toys”


great gran a

My boys with their great grandma – Love her!


Next week our road trip continues as we head down to San Antonio to spend time with my beautiful mom and about 1,000 ants!  Don’t want to miss 😉

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read about me and my family’s adventures.

(Map illustrating drive from Rockwall, TX to Tyler, TX)


  1. Love it! Great pics!

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