Sequoia National Park – RV Road Trip: Six States in Three Weeks Series

Where can you find the largest living thing on Earth?  Sequoia National Park.  Since 1890, people have traveled to this national park to stand next to some of the biggest trees on the planet. Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, over 80% of Sequoia National Park is raw wilderness and only accessible by foot.  And the star attraction??  The General Sherman.

Exploring Sequoia Cursive

We woke up early with a full day planned, packed foodIMG_8583 and gear and headed out.  We entered Sequoia National Park from the south via Highway 198.  Our first stop of the usual tourist attractions was Tunnel Rock.  This huge, giant boulder is the roof of the former route into Sequoia.  It was fun to get out, climb to the top and grab some photo ops.  Can you see us?!

Hospital Rock – This archaeological site is just off the Generals Highway and was once home to Potwisha Native Americans who used this area for the wintertime.  Here you can explore the remaining petroglyphs and bedrock mortar sites.  It was fascinating to imagine the Potwisha grinding nuts and other food products in the mortar holes.  Hospital Rock was named when an explorer recovered here after an injury from a shotgun snare trap.

Feel the need to challenge your fear ofIMG_5836 heights? Then don’t miss Moro Rock.  Four hundred steps lead up to the top of this granite dome monolith and allows visitors panoramic views of much of Sequoia National Park.  Be sure to hold on to those little ones.  I might have been a little over the top, but as soon as we made it, I had the kids sit and only let one at a time walk to the lookout with me or David.

And the grand finale…… the General Sherman.  IMG_8676This particular sequoia tree is not only the largest living thing on Earth, but also one of the fastest growing.  A short 0.8 mile roundtrip walk on a paved trail through the Giant Forest leads to this exceptional tree. Standing at 275 feet, the General Sherman is 109 feet around at its base with an estimated volume of 52,500 cubic feet.  Sadly, the top of this sequoia is dead and will never grow taller.  However, the General Sherman, between 2,300-2,700 years old, continues to grow wider and wider every year. (Source: US National Park Service)

Carley's RV Park Review Graphic Cursive

In my search, there were not a lot of options for RV parks with full photo IMG_5904 hookups near Sequoia National Park.  We decided to stay in the city of Three Rivers at a place called Sequoia RV Ranch.  I have to admit, when we were driving down the isolated road to find this campground, I was a little skeptical.  However, once we arrived, it was clearly a popular RV park accommodating all RV types and styles.  We had a pull through site number 53 right on the north fork of the Kaweah River.  The boys loved having the river so close.  We spent a full day relaxing at the RV park and getting a much needed break from driving.  My boys threw rocks in the river, searched the area with the metal detector and even tried panning for gold!  In the afternoon, we competed in a family baseball game in one of the several open green areas.  This was a quiet and clean RV park.  Nothing fancy, but for three nights, it had everything we needed with great access to Sequoia National Park.

Depending on what amenities you like to have when RVing, there are plenty of dry camping options available inside Sequoia National Park.  Check out another option without hookups at Horse Creek Campground on Lake Kaweah.  This campground is further away than Sequoia RV Ranch, but the views are beautiful.  There are not many trees for shade in the summer, so you might consider that for your planning purposes.  Make sure to check the lake level if you are going in the spring.  Since this campground is so close to the lake, occasionally part of the campground is under water.

Thank you for reading and be social.  We appreciate the love!  Have a comment or special memory of Sequoia?  Please feel free to leave your comments below.  I love learning how others are enjoying the their road trips.

Stayed tuned for the next post in the Six States in Three Weeks Series.  It’s going to be magical – all about Disneyland.  🙂

Tips for the Road Graphic Cursive

  • Click Plan Your Visit to get the most up-to-date information from the National Park Service.
  • Some roads in this national park were built in the 1920s and don’t accommodate long vehicles and RVs.  Be sure to know your route before heading out in your RV.
  • The weather can change quickly, all vehicles must carry chains or cables when entering a chain-restricted area.  It’s the law!
  • Have cold weather gear in your car and a rain jacket.
  • I recommend bringing your own food in and enjoying a picnic at the national park.
  • There is a small grocery store in Three Rivers.  I would definitely have enough groceries for grilling and cooking at your RV.

A= Sequoia RV Ranch | B=General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park

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  1. Carley,
    Good thing your photo enlarged, because I couldn’t see you atop of tunnel rock at first…my, it must be HUGE, your family looks so tiny!
    I am enjoying your series!
    Safe travels,

    • Hi Tori,
      Thank you and thank you for stopping by. It has been fun writing about this trip and going back through the pictures we took. I didn’t notice us either at first!! Having fun reliving the memories.
      Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. We stayed at the Sequoia KOA in Visalia when we visited this park. Definitely not close as it was approx a 45-60 min drive. The park was situated in town and did not have the feel of what their name conjured up in your head. We did find it to be nice, clea, quite, etc. just a bit too far from the park to carry its name we thought.

    An addition to our trip we did get to add since we were out this far was a gas station / cheese factory that was an awesome surprise. If your or anyone’s road trip puts them on the 99 through the Visalia area you MUST stop at Bravo Farms. This cool funky gas station has a restaurant, cheese factory, petting zoo, Mimi golf, and just cool place to stretch the legs and see some off beat stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.

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