The Alamo City – San Antonio, Texas

Our next stop on our Tour of Texas was the City of San Antonio.

I was actually born in San Antonio an undisclosed number of years ago ūüôā and a large portion of my extended family still live in that area.¬† I was excited to return with my husband and kids to have several reunions of sorts.¬† Since moving away from Texas 10 years ago, sadly¬†there were still some family members¬†who had never met two of my kiddos!¬† So we divided our time by visiting family, sightseeing and eating out.

San Antonio is a unique city with a lot of cultural and historical influences.  One of the most popular is of course, The Alamo.  Any time the kids and I can get out and experience history rather than just read about it is a top priority for my family.

Grandma and the boys at The Alamo

Grandma and the boys at The Alamo

Cannon shot inside The Alamo

Cannon “shot” inside The Alamo


History of the Alamo

History of the Alamo



Discovering weapons of the 1800s

Discovering weapons of the 1800s

In order to beat the Texas heat, we headed indoors to The Witte Museum.  We explored the Grossology exhibit, HEB Body exhibit, Log Cabins and Historic Homes, and learned about the stories and land of South Texas.

A Texas Draw

A Texas Quick Draw



A King Ranch Wagon 1870s


Log Cabin Exhibit

Log Cabin Exhibit

After much flip flopping between whether to go to Sea World or Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, we choose Sea World and in my opinion, I wish we had chosen the latter.  Sea World in San Antonio was great 10 years ago when I lived there, but over the years it has lost its appeal.  It was very expensive for admission, expensive for food and all the attractions have changed.  I should have realized that my kids are getting older and Schlitterbahn is more their idea of fun.  Lesson learned.

Time now to talk up the food in San Antonio, specifically, the Tex-Mex.¬† My all time favorite restaurant in San Antonio is Los Barrios on Blanco Road.¬† Tex-Mex is its own type of food.¬† It’s not quite Mexican, it is definitely not Southwest fare, it’s Tex-Mex – cheesy, heavenly, goodness.¬† ūüôā¬† My recommendations at Los Barrios are the fajitas, the¬†chili con queso¬†and the El Mofofo Grill.¬† Once the¬†chili con queso¬†and the hot sauce arrive at your table, try dipping first your chip in the cheese and then into the hot sauce. ¬†YUM!

And last, but not least, was a visit with ants.¬† Not aunts, but ANTS.¬†¬†Hundreds of them.¬† One thing I do not miss about Texas is all the bugs and poisonous things!¬† One evening, David and I were relaxing, watching TV after the kids had gone to bed.¬† I turned to look at David and I notice an ant crawling on the couch.¬† No big deal.¬†¬†Squashed it.¬† Gone.¬† Oh, look,¬†another ant.¬† And another one.¬† We pull back the couch cushions and hundreds¬†of ants are¬†marching into our trailer through the emergency window.¬† They¬†were moving in y’all.¬† There were even ants carrying larva in¬†their mouths!

David grabs a flashlight and heads out to evaluate the situation.  What happened was a small, single branch from a nearby mesquite tree was slightly touching our living room slide.  After discovering the tiny entrance into our trailer through the window, the ants were impossible to stop.  But it is 11:30pm!  David has to jump in the truck and head to Wal-Mart.  He came back armed with pruning shears and ant spray.

Now once the branch was trimmed, their access to the trailer was removed.  But we had to deal with the ants already in the trailer which took several days of squashing and spraying.  Another lesson learned:  once the slides are out, make sure nothing is touching the trailer!

Carley's RV Park Review Graphic Cursive



During our visit to San Antonio, we stayed at Stone Creek RV Park in Schertz, Texas.¬† Over all, we were happy with our stay here albeit the ants.¬† To be honest, we didn’t spend a lot of time at the RV park except to sleep.¬† I was disappointed with the pool situation though.¬† The adults only pool was cleaner and in our section of the RV park.¬† The kids pool was in the long-term section of the park and much farther away.¬† The sites were level, gravel spaces and ours came with a covered picnic area with table.

The location is ultimately why we chose to stay.  The access to IH35 was perfect for our week long stay here.

We had a wonderful time visiting San Antonio and reconnecting with my family was perfect.¬† One of the best parts was all the mom/daughter time I spent with my mama.¬† ūüôā

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read our adventure.  Next time continues in Texas for our stay at Jellystone in Burleson, Texas.

Map illustrating our drive from Tyler to Stone Creek RV Park, Schertz, Texas


  1. Nice pictorial of the Alamo, Carley. I live and operate an RV Park on the south side of San Antonio and share your love the city. Glad you had a fun time with your family during your visit.

  2. Glad I stumbled across your blog…I live in my RV in NYC, but have traveled the U.S. twice with it. I hope to hit up San Antonio at some point during my next cross country adventure and will keep in mind stopping by The Alamo, and staying at Stone Creek RV Park.
    Oh – what a nightmare about the ants…aaahhh! I would not have handled that situation so well!!

    • Hey Kate – Glad you found us too! You have had quite the adventures exploring the US, not only once, but twice. That is great. Thanks for stopping by and keep enjoying the road.

  3. Irene Bateman says:

    Just found your web site. Looking forward to looking at more places in USA. We are from England and are hiring a rv for 3 months. We are starting in Las Vegas going to the west coast and then travelling to the east coast. We start in December 2014 so we are keeping well south. One of our stops is the Alamo. Looks really interesting. We are of the age that we were brought up on John Wayne films so will be good to see the real thing.
    Do you know of a place we can park our 25 ft rv while we visit the Alamo?
    Irene and Mike
    Essex, England

    • Carley, hope you don’t mind me jumping in to reply to Irene.
      Wanted to let y’all know about my RV Park 15 minutes from the Alamo. There are several others also but you may get our info at Where ever you end up staying enjoy your visit to San Antonio. Sounds like a great itinerary your planning.

      • Hi Teri – I don’t mind at all. I wish I had more info for Irene because it sounds like they want short term parking for their RV to visit downtown. If memory serves me correctly, parking downtown even in my truck was a bit of a challenge. If you know of any other ideas, please feel free to share. ūüôā

    • Wow Irene!!! You are going to have an amazing vacation. The Alamo is great, just don’t be surprised at how small it is! But, with that said, there is so much to do and see in San Antonio. There is The River Walk, several missions, and all the great food. From your comment, it sounds like you want to park your RV downtown to do some sightseeing? From my experience, parking is cramped downtown and I would suggest contacting a campground or a nearby RV park to see if you could park your RV for the day plus inquire about nearby public transportation. Have an awesome time on your trip. Please let me know if I may offer any help or suggestions. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      • Irene Bateman says:

        Thanks guys. (That’s American isn’t it?). Will let you know how we get on in San Antonio, probably in February.

  4. Another thought, Irene. There is a great bus tour that picks you up at our RV Park and takes you to 8 San Antonio attractions including the Alamo, a Riverwalk cruise, two missions the Japanese Sunken Gardens, the Mexican Market Place (El Mercado) and the Buckhorn and Texas Ranger Museums. You can read about this “Grand Tour” at It’s an 8 hour tour 8am to 5pm and the drivers take you through the attractions and give a running commentary about what you are seeing as they drive between attractions. If you’ll only be in San Antonio a short time this is a great way to see a lot of it in a short time. The price is very reasonable when you consider that the entry fees to the attractions are all included and you won’t need to be concerned with $20 parking fees or gasoline. If I can send you any other info please feel free to contact us at
    Teri at Hidden Valley RV

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