La Push, Olympic Peninsula, Washington – Part 2

The Olympic Peninsula is a wild, unpredictable, remote environment.  That is what makes it so amazing.  As we continued our vacation on the peninsula, we experienced a glimpse of the powerful weather that supports the many ecosystems.  It was a wild ride in our little trailer as it was battered by the rain and rocked in the wind.  It almost felt as if I was in a boat rather that parked on land!

Following our beach days and time in the Hoh Rainforest, we decided to stay close to La Push and hike to Second Beach. The hike to Second Beach is short and easy most of the way.  There is one section when hiking out from the beach up stairs that will cause your thighs to burn a little.  Roundtrip the hike is about 1.5 miles.  Overnight camping is permitted, but you must obtain a Wilderness Camping Permit.  Be sure to time your arrival to Second Beach at low tide.

This well maintained trail winds through old growth forest.  As you start down the stairs toward the beach, you can spy a tree adorned with beach treasures and offerings from previous hikers and vistors to Second Beach.  Our kids spent the afternoon finding the perfect prize to give to the tree!











Once out on Second Beach, your eyes will be rewarded with several sea stacks and islets, known as the Quillayute Needles – the largest named Crying Lady Rock.  On our hike, we headed north first to explore the tide pools by the natural arch.  Turn south and you can walk for over a mile on the flat sandy beach all the way to Teahwhit Head, an impassable headland.  Here at Teahwhit, you can also find another natural arch.

IMG_7508 IMG_7492

We had a great time exploring Second Beach and next year plan to bring our skim board along.  This beach is so flat and wide during low tide, perfect for the endless ride.

IMG_7501 IMG_7509 IMG_7487 IMG_7486

Stayed tuned to Part 3 about Kalaloch, Beach 4 and the Big Cedar Tree.  Part 4 with information on our time in Shi Shi Beach and the natural Sol Duc Hot Springs. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share this information or comment below.  Happy Travels 🙂


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