The RV Road Trip that Changed My Life

Five people.  192 square feet.  Three weeks.  This is the story of how a road trip changed my life.  My family and I left behind our routines on March 30, 2013 to drive through six states.  I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach as we were pulling away from our house.  Our goal was to spend time together, reconnect, see new places, and just have fun together.  It was the best trip of our lives!

Trip Overview

We drove a total of 3,900 miles through Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho.  Family ArchesWhen we were in the planning stages, we wanted to see and do everything.  Initially, we had so many stops on our road trip, that we were only staying a couple nights at each RV Park or campground.  We quickly realized that we needed to cut back on the sights to give us time to really relax and explore at each location.  We can always return later on another trip to see the stuff we missed, right?!

Our trip focused mostly on California, Arizona, and Utah.  In California, we spent time in Big Sur, Sequoia National Park and Disneyland.  Arizona was all about the Grand Canyon.  And in Utah, we stayed in Moab to visit Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse State Park.


I did a lot of research to get ready for out trip.  I read blogs, books, and did tons of online research to learn as much as I could.  I even used Google Maps and Google Earth to fly over the RV parks to get an idea of the places we planned to stay at.  I made our reservations several months in advance and confirmed a few weeks before we left.  I like to use an app and web app called Evernote to create and manage my lists and information.  I created a menu for the trip and had a packing list.  Since we don’t have a ton of closet space, we decided to only bring one week’s worth of clothes for us all. Plus a few extras like rain gear, jackets, and bathing suits.  It was interesting to pack because of all the different climates we were going to visit.  Several of the RV parks we stayed at had washing facilities where I could do some laundry quick and have fresh clothes to wear.  Right before we headed out, I put together a three-ring binder to compile our maps, confirmations, directions, tickets, and any information related to our trip.  And despite all my planning, to my husband’s delight, we had plenty of time to be spontaneous and take advantage of opportunities that would pop up.

So how did this road trip change my life exactly?  I hope you will follow along this series to learn about the sights we saw and the places we stayed.  I will add my personal life lessons and my goal is to inspire you to plan that vacation you have been dreaming about.  Get out there with your family and reconnect.  It just might change your life too.

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