Book Review – The Next Exit

On our last trip to Idaho, my kids hadNext Exit to stop to use the restroom SIX times for a 300 mile drive.  It was five times too many in my opinion!  Since this was our first time to drive to Northern Idaho, I am so glad I had the book called the Next EXIT (2013). As all of you know, when driving your rig, you can’t just pull off at any exit and look for a bathroom, place to eat, rest areas, etc.  You need to know where you are going first.  Need fuel?  Not only will it tell you that fuel is at the exit, it will specify gas or diesel.  This book is a valuable resource for our road trips and excellent for planning your next stop.  It details what services are available for every exit on USA Interstate Highways.  Check out this book in the shop and read all the excellent reviews.  This is a must have book for anyone who road trips.

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