Grand Canyon – RV Road Trip: Six States in Three Weeks Series

How do you describe the Grand Canyon?  For me, it was the colors.  Red. Blue. Gold. Green.  It was the texture and light.  It was simply majestic.  But it was also incomprehensible and complicated.  All these adjectives and more fill my mind’s eye when I remember the Grand Canyon.


Exploring Grand Canyon clip

We drove from Los Angeles mostly on Interstate 40 and it was a long day.  Almost 500 miles and the worst part, I was car sick for most of it.  Blah!  But we made it to Trailer Village on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was funny driving up the South Entrance Road.  I kept waiting to see the canyon out my window.  Little did I know, the Grand Canyon was surrounded by a forest, the Kaibab National Forest and trees were everywhere. Even right up to [Read more…]

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