The Alamo City – San Antonio, Texas

Our next stop on our Tour of Texas was the City of San Antonio.

I was actually born in San Antonio an undisclosed number of years ago ūüôā and a large portion of my extended family still live in that area.¬† I was excited to return with my husband and kids to have several reunions of sorts.¬† Since moving away from Texas 10 years ago, sadly¬†there were still some family members¬†who had never met two of my kiddos!¬† So we divided our time by visiting family, sightseeing and eating out.

San Antonio is a unique city with a lot of cultural and historical influences.  One of the most popular is of course, The Alamo.  Any time the kids and I can get out and experience history rather than just read about it is a top priority for my family.

Grandma and the boys at The Alamo

Grandma and the boys at The Alamo

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First Ever RV Adventure – Anacortes/Chelan/Sun Lakes

I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately….lots of time on my hands while recovering from my ACL replacement surgery!¬† And while going to physical therapy and exercising at home, I¬†have been thinking about all our past RV adventures.¬† It’s one of the things that motivates me to get better so we can get back on the road.

The first time my family ever RVed was in April of 2008.  We really wanted a road trip around Washington and we thought RVing would be better than being cooped up in hotel rooms.  So, we rented a Class C RV at a local dealer and made some pretty fantastic memories.


We packed WAY too much stuff!¬† We were only going for three nights.¬† But it is not [Read more…]

Wrap Up and Mountain Home, Idaho – RV Road Trip: Six States in Three Weeks Series

It finally happened.¬† Our last stop on our three week trip.¬† Nooooo!!¬† It was hard to face the fact that our family adventure was almost over.¬† Just one last day of driving.¬† Five-hundred thirty miles to go and then it was back to reality.¬† Kids back to school.¬†¬†My husband back to work.¬† And me back to being a stay-at-home mom.¬† And that was…good.¬† My family and I are very blessed and very thankful.¬† That is one of the many things I learned from our vacation.

Family Arches

So as I began writing about this adventure, I titled one of my posts, The RV Road Trip that Changed My Life.¬† It’s true.¬† This experience was life changing in so many ways.¬† One of the most important lessons was about stuff.¬† I did NOT¬†miss one single thing from home.¬† I learned that all I needed was my family (and friends!¬† Of course we missed y’all). ¬†But really, all the things I have sitting back at home, or all the things on my mental wish list, are completely insignificant.¬† That is a good feeling. [Read more…]

Moab, Utah – RV Road Trip: Six States in Three Weeks Series

My first impression of Moab was personal.  I fell in love immediately.  Maybe it is the stark contrast between our lush, green forests of the Pacific Northwest compared to the red rock and blue skies of Moab.  But whatever it is, Moab is a truly unique and beautiful landscape.  And after one visit you will be hooked too.

I started visiting a few years ago.¬† Every year, I would actually fly to Salt Lake City and drive down to meet my dad.¬† My dad and his friends would drive from Texas and Florida in their class A coaches pulling their toys and jeeps used to explore the¬†4×4¬†trails.¬† But this past April,¬†my family and I¬†made Moab one of our last stops on our three week trip.

Carley's RV Park Review Graphic Cursive

We stayed six nights at my favorite RV campground, Portal RV Resort.¬† I love the location.¬† It is right near town on the main road through Moab and it is set off the road so you don’t get any highway noise.¬† This resort is very nice, clean and well maintained with all the amenities you want.¬† I have never stayed at any other place in Moab, but why would I?¬† This place has [Read more…]

Grand Canyon – RV Road Trip: Six States in Three Weeks Series

How do you describe the Grand Canyon?¬† For me, it was the colors.¬† Red. Blue.¬†Gold.¬†Green.¬† It was the texture and light.¬† It was simply majestic.¬† But it was also incomprehensible and complicated.¬† All these adjectives and more fill my mind’s eye when I remember the Grand Canyon.


Exploring Grand Canyon clip

We¬†drove from Los Angeles mostly on Interstate 40 and it was a long day.¬† Almost 500 miles and the worst part, I¬†was car sick for most of it.¬† Blah!¬† But we made it to Trailer Village on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.¬† It was funny driving up the South Entrance Road.¬† I kept waiting to see the canyon out my window.¬† Little did I¬†know, the Grand Canyon was surrounded by a forest, the Kaibab National Forest and trees were everywhere. Even right up to [Read more…]

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