Whale Watching in Washington

I came across a website last night and I just had to share The Whale Trail.  This non-profit organization is dedicated to educating the public about whale watching sites across the Northwest to view orcas, other marine mammals plus wildlife.  What an amazing resource! Orcas Currently, 32 sites are listed on The Whale Trail and welcomes new whale watching site nominations.  The website explains how to spot whales from shore, and describes where and when to see whales.  Another page provides information on the most common mammals you might see along the trail.  The best part of this website is the Home page and the huge map of all the sites.  You can click each location to get details about the site.  Love it!

I am so glad I stumbled upon this website and plan to keep it in my back pocket.  Seeing whales in their natural habitat is an exciting experience.

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