Skiing Accident – Updated

I grew up in South Texas on Padre Island.  I was a beach girl.  But I longed for snow.  Every time an Artic blast would mosey on down I would pray for snow.  But it never did.  And every year when our “winter” would fly by, I would again beg and hope for snow.  It wouldn’t be until I was 19 years old that I saw real snow.  Touched real snow.  I was with my mom and my brother.  He had moved up north for work right after graduating college and my mom and I went for a visit over Thanksgiving.  Seeing snow for the first time is one of the happiest memories from my youth.  I was wearing jeans, doc martens and a jacket that seemed to absorb water rather than repel it.  But I didn’t care.  I was making snow angels, throwing snow balls, and I was having a ball.  A year later, my dad took my then boyfriend, now husband on a ski vacation and I was thrilled.  I took ski lessons and picked it up pretty quick.  We had a great time.

Now fast forward 16 years.  My family and I ski.  I LOVE to ski.  We have lived in the Seattle area for over nine years and gratefully live close to plenty of ski options.  We have all the gear, my kids take lessons every year, and we really enjoy this sport as a family.  And this was the year.  The year that my youngest was good enough to graduate from the magic carpet and stretch his legs out on the bunny slope.  I was so happy.  I was looking forward to many fun weekends on the slopes.


Life has a funny way of throwing a wrench in your plans.  This past Sunday, my husband, my oldest, and I were skiing for a few hours while my other two boys were in lessons.  We had just taken a break at the lodge with snacks and hot chocolate.  We realized that lessons were almost over and we needed to get back to the other side of the mountain to pick them up and head home.  We had time for two more runs. We get off the lift for the last run that will take us to ski school.  I start down first and about half way, what?  I fall.  A small one, no big deal.  But, oh, that doesn’t feel right.  My husband and my son ski down to check on me.  I told them that I tweaked my knee somehow and I will have to take it slow the rest of the way.  So I start to head down again.  When I go to turn and put weight on the knee, that’s when it gives out and I fall again.  I can remember thinking as I was going down, “Uh oh, this is it.  This is gonna hurt.” When my husband  reaches me, I was sitting there, my legs twisted.  My skis hadn’t popped and I needed him to get them off.  And surprisingly, I wasn’t in a ton of pain.  I even tried to get up and thought I could walk down the mountain.  And that’s when I felt it.  My knee was slipping and it was loose.  I knew I wasn’t getting off the mountain by myself.

Ski patrol came promptly and they were great.  They made sure I was stable for transport and secured my entire leg.  I was strapped into a sled and transported down to the Medic Building.

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My husband was able to gather our kids.  He headed to the car, got everyone situated and picked me up at the Medic Building.

We made it home and I elected to forgo the urgent care.  I really felt like it wasn’t too bad of an injury.  I just needed to get some couch time and rest my leg.

By the next morning, it wasn’t any better.  So after the kids all went to school, my husband drove me to the doctor.  The doc examined my leg and let me have the news.  He was afraid I had damaged the ligaments in my knee.  Next stop, the specialist.

The next day, Tuesday, I had my appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and he ordered a MRI.  He agreed that I had injured my ligaments, but needed the imaging to learn the extend of the damage.

So now we wait.  I get to wear a new accessory clamped on the entire length of my leg.  And I am so bummed.  Of  course, injures never happen at convenient times.  My kids are on a week long break from school and we had so many fun plans.  Instead though, I am trying to make the best of it.  I have been getting lots of hugs and enjoying all the books I get to read with the kids.  I have even been attempting to play Xbox with them!! LOL 🙂

Thank you to my wonderful husband and my awesome friends.  I am very grateful for all of you.

Stay tuned for updates.  I find out from my orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday what his recommendations are for treatment.

Update:  I met with the surgeon.  Bad news is I did completely tear my ACL.  Good news is I did not injury any other part of my knee as previously thought.  I will require surgery in about three weeks after my injured knee regains full range of motion.  I have started physical therapy this week.  So now the work begins on the long road of recovery.  But I WILL ski again.  🙂


  1. Gosh Carley….so sorry to hear. I grew up in northern IL and although we would get plenty of cold and snow we didn’t have many hills. We moved to CO when the kids were little and we exposed them to the slopes early while we (mom and dad former flatlanders) watched from the side lines. I chose to stick to activities like snowshoeing, tubing, and snowmobiling. Hope you heal quickly and can get out on the slopes again soon.

    • Thanks Ingrid. Keeping my fingers crossed for no surgery. I have learned the recovery time is brutal and I am not much of a couch potato! Maybe part of my recovery and strength training can be some snowshoeing 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t see snow til 19!! Love the doc marten visual 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be back at in in no time 🙂 😉

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