RV Buying Process – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

RV buying process is very exhausting. Like a game of tug-of-war, there are two parties pulling back and forth on each other. One side is trying to save money and the other side is trying to make money and no body wants to give an inch for the fear of being taken.

We have narrowed down our search for our next trailer to an Open Range LT305BHS. We are going out on a limb with choosing a smaller manufacturer, but overall, this unit will fit our needs the best.


We have been watching the market for this particular model since October 2013.  We have a couple of things going against us.  First, we are buying at the beginning of camping season.  Plus, the economy is not as bad as it was and people are beginning to loosen their belts, so to speak.

On our side is time.  My family and I are in no rush to make a hasty decision.  The RV industry sells fast depreciable assets with high markups.  I try not to let emotions get in the way of spending money responsibly and I do plenty of research.  There will always be another trailer or RV and there will always be another salesperson who wants to earn my business.

Up next – we are talking to three dealers.  Who will earn our business?  Follow our RV buying experience from your email inbox.  Sign up on the right side of the page and never miss a post.



  1. Hi Carley, It looks like your comments section is fixed 🙂
    In case you don’t know, there is a very active forum for Open Range Owners. it is at http://www.openrangeowners.com/ORforum/index.php

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